About Us

Riviera di Levante
Charme and Relax of first category

Casa Kiwi was inaugurated in the summer of 2006, after 5 years of intense work that have seen us personally involved to transform an old rustic uninhabited for more than 30 years. Even today, with passion, we seek to shape around customers needs each maintenance and any improvements. Kiwi: a name a destiny!

Bed and Breakfast Casa Kiwi

For many years, all those elapsed between the place identification and the start of work, we reflected on what name assign to one of the first bed and breakfast to be born in our Liguria region. The presence of an impressive kiwi plant, capable of giving sweet fruits of unusual size, has facilitated the assignment, and the connection between the plant and a beautiful land as New Zealand, supporter of b&b desire, could only lead to Casa Kiwi. The plant, with its original roots, has abandoned us in 2009 despite our daily care. In a short time, a demonstration of how this area is the natural habitat, a new plant is born and in 2010 just one fruit called amiably "number 1" has endorsed all winter. In the following years the plant has given us dozens and dozens of juicy creatures. The riviera sun and cool evenings have now the assignment to make it grow every day so we can observe her.